Discover since July our ONLINE Conversations 2020 on IGTV (Instagram), with the artists of the @galeriaasrcontemporaneo.
This is the virtual exhibition that we will share with you shortly, about the 120th anniversary of the birth of this great artist.
Each selected creative, 40 in total, will receive a $500 USD voucher to be used for website, social media, and/or e-commerce capability development.
hese workshops aim to fill critical gaps in digital skills training and further the development of creatives, enhancing their ability to earn in the online space.
Through the Caribbean Creative Online component of CATAPULT, artists are invited to record or livestream a performance, talk, webinar, workshop or other online activity on the platform of their choice.
Kingston Creative, Fresh Milk and the American Friends of Jamaica | The AFJ introduce CATAPULT | A Caribbean Arts Grant – a group of six new initiatives supporting Caribbean Creatives. These funding opportunities will increase the visibility...
The Lockdown Virtual Salon will provide opportunities for 32 cultural practitioners to be supported, each of whom will receive a $500 USD stipend to engage in one live conversation on a staggered basis from August through November 2020.
These funding opportunities will increase the visibility of over 1,000 Caribbean-based artists, creatives and cultural practitioners to global audiences, provide much needed financial support
Awilda Sterling, performera y artista multidisciplinaria, y Zuania, escultora y activista -ambas gestoras culturales-, dialogan sobre sus respectivas experiencias al crear espacios de taller en sus casas de infancia (Awilda...
ARTE Y PROCESOMaría Antonia Ordóñez y Nora Rodríguez Vallés, dos experimentadas artistas, dialogan sobre sus experiencias, sus ricas trayectorias y su reflexión sobre arte y proceso. Nos enriquecen sus miradas...