The NAGB Permanent Exhibition serves as an opportunity for us to highlight works from the National Collection in conversation with works from private collections. These exhibitions usually take on a...
As we move into a world of social distancing, public art takes on new meanings as it encourages us to continue to engage with each other and with our communities....
Join us for an unforgettable paint party! No prior painting experience required! Book today to reserve your spot.
One year on from Hurricane Dorian, The D’Aguilar Art Foundation will present artwork the speaks to the experience.
This insightful exhibition proposes to delineate some of the time-sensitive reactions which we are experiencing today whilst highlighting the urgency of the matter through the frozen stills of these moments on oil-painted canvases.
“Floating Rib” is a look at the experience and practice of Black women of The Bahamas working in the diaspora, exploring roots, bodies and belonging, homecomings and goings.
"Balance" will offer a space for opening up our conceptions of what citizenship can look like in The Bahamas.